Contest "Loyal to the Game - Vikings Go Berzerk"

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game of the contest

Vikings Go Berzerk

Each finalist will get iphone 7 128gb
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information about contest and current stage:

Contest started: 2016-12-16 07:00:00
Maximum winners: 7
Start round duration: 5 days
Round duration: 4 days
Late qualification: available
Rounds played: 16
Qualification in round #17: N/A
Players qualified: 92
#17 round ends in:

rules of contest "Loyal to the Game - Vikings Go Berzerk"

Welcome to the contest! The contest name is Loyal to the Game which kind of explains everything - the most persistent, loyal and luckiest will share the contest prizes. This contest is all about one game and the game of the contest is displayed on the left on this page. The contest will define 7 finalists each of who will receive iPhone 7 128Gb as winner ’s prize. Contest is not limited by time, it will end only when the winners are finally defined in the final round. A round in which 5 or less players have qualified is the final round. That easy! So, to take part in the contest a player needs to sequentially qualify in starting round and every next round. To become a winner a player needs to qualify in final round.However you still can take part in the contest even if you missed starting round or even several rounds — you just need to qualify in any current round if it is marked with ‘late qualification available’. Do not postpone your participation though, late qualification becomes unavailable the closer number of participants reaches number of finalists (usually when number of qualified players in a round is not more than twice as many as number of winners).Current round qualification basically means certain amount of bets that a player has to wager in contest game during the round period. This sum is shown below. Amount of bets a player needs to place in any next round can be different from such amount in any previous round. In order to make sure you have qualified in current round and have advanced to next round please check the table below.This contest and its prize is a subject to terms and conditions. Our casino reserves the right to review transaction records and logs from time to time, for any reason whatsoever. If, upon such a review, it appears that player is participating in strategies that our casino in its sole discretion deems to be abusive, we reserve the right to revoke the entitlement of such a player to the promotion. If upon such review, the players' practices have been deemed to be "Promotion Abuse", we have the right to take the following actions, at its sole discretion, against such abusers: We reserve the right to revoke and/or cancel any bonuses and winnings that We regard may have been redeemed by misuse of the system. Abusing player accounts may be terminated immediately. Players found to be abusing Bonus offers may be barred from receiving further Bonuses. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of any Bonus promotional offer at any time and it is the responsibility of the player to periodically check for changes and updates.


# Name
# Name
# Name
# Name
# Name
1 blrpatriot
2 zmoscow
3 ivan.nagaew
4 aleksey1221
5 leha50
6 stanlijack
7 arik851
8 gabrielovna
9 sergobor701
10 irada530
11 irongator79
12 danker
13 serg0104
14 shkar
15 rakhmanin
16 abrek
17 tmhf
18 ulfenborgar
19 alex1980
20 jivoi999999
21 9visa2
22 treo2013
23 bnvnv
24 touchg
25 dizelwap
26 farid808
27 staffgamer
28 ogrizkov72
29 dcdimon
30 energi003
31 slotobomber
32 veter1981
33 shah357
34 natalin777
35 mark999
36 neolee
37 spartak_cha
38 halfblind
39 mikezilla
40 uuvasysa
41 sapwow
42 ilyuha333
43 nik73
44 teh69
45 stream85
46 dedlixoded
47 borborisb
48 vl39
49 asd2w2
50 scriptmast
51 juven7
52 13112016
53 doddaren37
54 elsterbird
55 gorvl
56 infernal88
57 sergssv99
58 88890
59 yit01
60 serebro1110
61 sever999
62 saffik
63 othertoy
64 andreyludov
65 fenyks
66 mrkreo
67 legolaz007
68 exisnt
69 zanoza0711
70 bexand
71 try_to_kill
72 niko-a8
73 zpv1976
74 bodo51
75 devil-kin
76 zorro1902
77 zmey202
78 ooauch
79 nek116
80 birkoff1980
81 22222
82 botsmant
83 vilennnn
84 pommittaja7
85 maestro49
86 Andrey2033
87 evgeni85
88 koshelenkov
89 vit7777
90 sveee777
91 artem095095
92 reymoleg
93 kreggi
94 joker312
95 sergeigrom
96 doronin
97 1v.v.p1
98 denislyam
99 andrei56
100 kostun

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