Welcome Virtual Soccer the world needs it

    Virtual Soccer from Microgaming is one of the newest slot machines that allow any player to place a bet on the results of all simulated games. There is the possibility for a player to choose from a total number of 27 football championships from around the world while he makes his bets before the start of any match. With about thirty-eight weeks of match fixtures available for players to place bets on this slot machine, a new season begins every hour

    All results of this online gambling gig are simulated via a random match generator which of course has been programmed to consider some variables in order to be able to generate the appropriate final score between any two teams that just played. Virtual soccer by Microgaming offers a 1 by 2 gaming experience for all players around the globe plus a chance to bet at any giving opportunity the player has without even having to wait for the real live matches to take place in real time

    The presence of different bets on this machine such as; single bets, multiple bets as well as accumulators on this category of casino games makes it possible for every player to have up to a total of 240 several combinations. As a whole season of the game fixtures can be played within an hour and a half, it makes all players to be able to play as many times as possible and accumulate winnings after each play

    Game features and how to bet

    In order to place a bet on a particular game, unlike most free slots a player must select from one of the following options at

    • A home side win by clicking on button number 1
    • Away side win by clicking on button number 2
    • A draw match by pressing on button X and then click on Play Now

    The stakes on this online casino slots can also be adjusted by clicking on the stake amount. Furthermore, in the panel that opens, choose the type of championship you want, confirm your choice of championship, then on the panel for placing bets you will see your selections. Make the predictions of your choice directly in the table to the right of the team list by clicking on the odds shown for the kind of stake you want. The odd box turns yellow as you predict while your choices will appear in the bet slip below the betting panel of the online casino

    Finally, once you are through with your selection, just as most online slots, choose the bet amount you want to place, then click the confirm button to submit your bets at