Bullseye: hit the spot, take your prize

    Bullseye slot machines has 3 reels and a 5 payline. There are no scatter symbol or free spins in bullseye rather, it has 3 creative bonus features that appear regularly throughout the game play.

    The most basic feature of this online slots are the Pete’s Payday bonus that can be triggered by landing 3 or more-dollar sign bonus symbols on adjacent reels and does not require much action from the player of the game. There is also the presence of a 4-dollar sign symbols which can fetch you a 2x multiplier and getting 5 of this feature earns you a 3x slot multiplier at

    The symbols on the reels of this free slots are all true-to-theme that begins with a small valued set of 5 that are set upon red and white bullseye targets. The smallest valued of them features the word "Miss." Followed by a gold star, then a teddy bear, then a set of white milk bottles and finally, a smiling clown sporting a big blue bowtie.

    The three highest-valued symbols of this Microgaming invention in the online casino slots category are all set on yellow and white bullseyes.

    Other symbols of this Microgaming slot machine are:

    • The candy apple with the lowest among all of them
    • the hot dog
    • The pink cotton candy with the word "Wild" inscribed on it is the highest-paying symbol of the game

    This wild is only used in order to complete combinations with the hot dog and the candy apple symbols.

    Bullseye gaming machine for fun and great wins

    Bullseye slot machines includes 2 fun mini games. The first mini game in this category of casino games is called Prize Pick and can be triggered by landing on 3 or more of the stuffed lion "Bonus" symbols on adjacent reels. This game opens on a separate screen, where it displays a selection of prizes for the player to click on. Try to click on 4 prizes without revealing the game ending saying "Out of Stock". If you succeed at this, you will advance to round 2, where the prizes are worth more playing the game for. The game repeats itself if you can complete level two without anything being out of stock, the player will proceed to the final third level with even more valuable prizes.

    In this online casino, the Duck Shoot bonus game is triggered by landing 3 or more yellow rubber duck symbols on connected reels which will instantly lead to shooting at the ducks as they move across the screen, and when they are hit, each duck will reveal a 1X, 2X, or 5X multiplier of this Microgaming slot machine.

    If the word "Miss" appears, the game ends, but if you are lucky enough to see "Sharpshooter" on your first shot, you win a big 20X multiplier. If you are constantly looking for fun around the casino slot games, try this online gambling at