Chain mail middle-aged slot game available for play online

    This Chain mail Online slots game’s objectives is the rescue of a fair Princess from the evil king while you get rewarded for completing the task. It also offers different ways of winning such as the bonus feature of the castle where you get rewarded for finding Roxy, the lovely Princess and also return her safely to the castle.

    Along with other free slots game at, Microgaming also improved this game with an HD version which makes it even more fun playing than watching your friends play it for you. The new feature also includes five reels and twenty pay lines, at the same time it offers the gamers a chance of winning close to 120,000 credits per time.

    The Chain mail multi-levelled game that is triggered with free spins

    This online casino slots game requires players to move up different tiers for winning the Princess symbols. While each level is completed, you stand the chance to win prizes. This impressive game at draws attractive symbols that show the king’s preferred satisfaction like pizza, ice cream, candy bars, fried chicken, and lots more while the Princess also shows her likes such as the king’s horses and the red mailbox.

    Also the casino games require players to select coin value ranging from $0.01 - $1, staking between 1 and 5 coins per line just before pushing the start button which is Auto play. The Chain mail logo on these slot machines, is the wild symbol that pays out two times when you substitute for other symbols which are also used instead of all other symbols apart from the Bonus B and also the Mail Bag Scatter icons. Note that an instant credit prize of 2x, 20x, 100x bets are awarded when Mail Bag Scatter in any of the positions 3, 4, and 5.

    The online casino strategy is to receive 3, 4, or 5 scattered symbols which in turn activates the castle’s bonus. The tips to this incredible game are for players to trigger free spins when the symbol appears and all spins get to be played during the castle’s bonus.

    Chain mail online gambling players should try as much as possible to avoid the king of the castle for his presence ends this addictive game bonus. The select A Door feature will be a good place to search for the beautiful Princess.