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    Unlike different free slots that have a very small set of paylines, Gold Factory at features five spinning reels and fifty paylines together with various winning combinations and symbols. This stunning game includes two main characters: a respectable owner of this golden factory and a young and ambitious pathfinder. The key symbols of the game are, as follows: the Factory symbol, the special Wild symbol, gold bullion, gold coins, Locomotive, Submarine, Airship and a truck loaded with sparkling golden bullion. All these symbols can form a great number of the extremely beneficial winning combinations and supply you with a magnificent online gambling experience.

    In addition, Gold Factory stands out from the ordinary online casino slots because it also has an awesome extra bonus game, which bestows you additional bonuses and free spins. Three or more bonus symbols present you twelve boilers that contain various profitable prizes. If you receive the combination of Reactor Bonus and Free Spins, you will get an extra bonus round. It is quite simple to win a solid prize playing casino games, but Gold Factory has surpassed all other online slots in an attempt to satisfy all your desires. Golden Factory bestows a special consolation prize on you even if you have missed the correct boiler with treasures. Thus, wear your favorite chimney-pot hat and make yourself rich in our online casino!