Great Griffin isn’t like all the other slot machines you have seen until now. According to mythology, the griffin was considered a creature with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. The eagle is the king of the birds while the lion is the king of the beasts. This one of the online slots comes with great graphics, bonus features, wild symbols, and payouts, so it might be considered the king of all free slots.

    The most important feature to think about when it comes to the Great Griffin is that it has fifty paylines, which increases your chances of getting a combination immensely. The symbols you will find include dragon’s eggs, book of spells, griffin, plant roots, and flasks. As online casino slots are all about the winnings, all players are trying to get five of the Griffon wild symbols in a row. This combination would multiply their bet five hundred times. Another great thing you will find at is that the wild symbol can also substitute any other symbol, helping the players to get different combinations.

    The surprises of this one of the casino games don’t stop here: the Griffin Wild Bonus might appear out of the blue after the spinning reel stops, turning some of the symbols into wild symbols. This gives you an extra chance to boost your winnings. There is also the scatter symbol that is always present with online casino games. This has the logo of the developer on and it promises numerous free spins. Another symbol to keep an eye out for is the dragon’s egg. This can multiply your winnings 2-200 times.

    Online gambling is all about the winnings and this is what promises you: multiply your bet with the Great Griffin and have a lot of fun while doing so.