Hot Ink slot game for beginners

    Hot Ink is a very popular online casino game which is manufactured by the famous Microgaming company and is available exclusively on the online gambling website The website has some of the best gambling games not limited to only online slots for players so that they can win some easy money. Just like many other slot machines, Hot Ink also consists of five reels along with five hundred slots for coins. What makes it exciting is that it has many bonuses like a tattoo bonus game or a free spin game and a re-spin feature which means that you can re-spin a wheel by withholding other wheels. You can get additional cost benefits by re-spinning a wheel just at the end of a particular spin whose cost is calculated separately in credits. This re-spinning can be repeated multiple times in the game.

    Just like the other casino games, the winning payout in Hot Ink is based entirely on your chance of getting a winning symbol combination once the reel comes to a halt. The payout is simple as all the payways get permanently facilitated for all the spins and there is no way you can re-select the spin. The betting amount automatically gets multiplied 50 times once you place a bet. For example, a person betting one coin will get a 50 coin bet for each spin.

    Other amazing features of Hot Ink

    Hot Ink is a game of free slots that consist of various features like wild scatter and scatter symbols apart from the different bonus games played in between. The wild scatter game payout rules have been described below:

    • Its logo is a wild symbol and does not constitute a scatter symbol.
    • It offers payout to players by creating its own unique combinations after multiple symbols have appeared on the payline.
    • When the winning combination in a particular game is more than one for different symbols, you get paid for all the combinations made. However, in case the winning combination is more than once for the same symbol, you will only be paid for the highest combination among the two.

    For the past few years, Hot Ink has been one of the most played games on popular gambling websites like and is one of the many online casino slots games which players love to play in their leisure time.