What makes Hound Hotel so popular

    Hound Hotel is one of the casino games that can be played on the most popular online gambling website these days,, brought specially to you from the great game manufacturers known as Microgaming. A game of Hound Hotel is all about placing the bet and spinning the reel to make the right combination of symbols. What makes this online casino game even more interesting is the fact that the game gives you the feeling and joy of sitting in a real casino. Hound Hotel is very much similar to the other games on as most of these online casino slots games where the players can spend their leisure time betting and trying their luck in gambling.

    Hound Hotel is a type of slot machines game that has a provision for around three hundred and seventy-five coins along with 5 reels and 25 payline. These simple, easy-to-win free slots give an opportunity to players to try their betting luck in a game or two of Hound Hotel. This game is very much about hitting the right combination of symbols in order to win the bet on the reel.

    Other interesting features of the game

    Before you start rolling the reel for a bet, it is important that you have some basic knowledge about the game, particularly about the wild symbol and the scatter symbol:

    • The wild symbol consists of the Hound Hotel symbol and does not include the scatter symbol. When too many symbols appear on a payline in a single line, the wild symbols work to create an entirely new winning combination of its own. It also builds a stack of wild symbols.
    • On the other hand, the scatter symbol consists of a scatter dog and gives a winning scatter combination only when two or more than that are displayed on the reels. It also starts activating the bonus game whenever three or more symbols appear on any of the five reels.

    Hound Hotel is one of the most addictive gambling games available online. Placing small bets on online slots and hitting the right combination is what it takes to be a master of this game.