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    Technical characteristics of this game are quite conventional. Basically, it is a classical non-progressive slot with precisely balanced payout system, fifty fixed paylines and five reels. Like ninety percent of online casino slots at, it contains the Free Spins option that permits the most fortunate gamblers to receive additional free spins and double or even quadruple their chances to win all trophies during one single round.

    A real gem of this extraordinary game is its peerless and totally gorgeous visual style. Lots of variegated symbols in this slot look like pretty children’s drawings, so they are cute, heartwarming and, undoubtedly, beautiful. The main symbols are depicted as the suits (diamonds and spades, clubs and hearts) and the ordinary symbols represent the card ranks. Thus, none of the online casino visitors will experience any severities with the choice of the most beneficial winning combination.

    However, it will be inappropriate to pass over in silence the significant circumstance that this online slot contains an inspiring and stunningly amusing music theme. It serves as a consummate complement to its remarkable visual style and adds a considerable number of points on the scale of pure aesthetic pleasure from this game. Therefore, leave aside all ordinary free slots and bestow yourself this video slot, which has all chances to transform you into rich and happy person in one round!