Quite a lot of people know that Avalon was a legendary island, which became a last resort for mighty and brave King Arthur, and was also a place where the berhymed blade Excalibur had been created. Unfortunately, the MP Avalon video slot cannot really tell the fanciers of tales and free slots where does this sword lay now and who will become its next owner. However, apart from the sword, there are many secret places to explore and hundreds of ways to win in this peculiar exemplar of first-class slot machines at Get ready to the marvelous quest for the Holy Grail!

    First of all, the MP Avalon game has all its rules laid plainly: there are five reels and wins can be collected from twenty paylines; the symbols that are neatly designed and the speed of the game make the whole game’s mechanics lovely and captivating. The lover of online casino slots can hear a quirky and melodious soundtrack, which crowns the gameplay just perfectly. The symbols comprise both a classic and familiar to everyone set of 910JQKA and a wide variety of theme-related images: a crown decorated with rubies, a brooch encrusted with emeralds, the famous Avalon coat of arms and a silver goblet (it couldn’t be the Holy Grail, could it?).

    Moreover, the MP Avalon slot machine can boast of the special Lady of the Lake Scatter Symbol and twice as much wild symbols as ordinary online slots usually have. The first Wild Symbol is depicted as a treasure chest and the second is represented by Avalon hidden in the clouds; at the same time the Scatter Symbol is a key to the mega-lucrative Free Spins round that offers to the online casino caller twelve Free Spins and a 7x multiplier. Luckily enough, the Lady of the Lake Scatter feature is 100% re-triggerable.

    Ultimately, the MP Avalon game proffers the player the thing without which experts of online gambling can’t live – the splendid gamble feature. With its double-or-quadruple option, one is able to make more money than he or she could shake a stick at! It’s a wonder how often casino games at bring many people’s dreams to life and the desired treasures of Arthur in MP Avalon is not the exception!