The mysterious and marvelous Neptune’s kingdom has lured courageous and curious adventurers for centuries. The Mermaids Millions slot machines offers you an uncommon possibility to enter this exotic world. Feel the breath of the salty sea wind and hear the soft and lulling play of the waves. The smooth and deceptively calm surface of the sea usually conceals a great amount of dangerous sharks and octopuses. However, you shouldn’t fear, while playing casino games. This ocean is full of chock-a-block chests with precious coins and friendly marine habitats only. The charming mermaids and funny sea horses will be your reliable and solicitous companions during your sea adventures at

    This game provides you with a unique online gambling experience. The lovely music background and bewitching visual interface create an unforgettable atmosphere for a real adventure. The general gambling scheme of Mermaids Millions is similar to other online slots games. However, it has its own pleasurable specialties designed to satisfy the most demanding taste. This is a five-reel game with fifteen pay lines. You can choose the value of a coin that ranges from 0.01 to 1.0 in order to engineer your own winning strategy. This exemplar of the most magnificent free slots also provides you with a great chance to win additional free spins.

    Practically all variations of online casino slots at supply their players with bonus systems and different prizes. Mermaids Millions is not an exception, so it includes the Wild Symbol System that awards the luckiest gamers with various trophies and prizes. The Wild Symbol, which is portrayed as Neptune Symbol, has an extremely valuable peculiarity that brings a bit of spice to the game. It changes any combination of symbols and rewards you with additional multiple bonuses. So, at this online casino, you can easily win a double jackpot as well as valuable extra awards. Therefore, designate the right course on your sea map and follow the lucky guiding star!