This superlative game pertains to the latest generation of splendidly balanced and ideally pictured slot machines. Of course, all persistent online casino visitors can find a great collection of fantastically interesting and engrossing casino games at, but the Riviera Riches slot machine proposes gamblers a bit of unique experience. This game allows you to make yourself extremely rich and, simultaneously, shows you all right ways to spend the money you won! Doubtlessly, you can consider that you don’t need any advice on this matter, however you should see it demonstrating all classic ways to spend your time with great delectation!

    This slot includes 15 fixed paylines and 5 reels. The minor playing symbols represent the well-known set of symbols from traditional free slots: various numbers and classic letters. The main symbols are depicted as inherent attributes of a rich and happy life, such as a glass of cognac, a glamorous old-fashioned automobile and a luxurious estate. In addition, among these icons you can meet two pictures of real millionaires: a beautiful lady with a glass of wine and a dressed to kill bloke with a Cuban cigar.

    Just like practically all noticeable online casino slots at, the Riviera Riches game contains the Scatter Extra bonus and the Wild Symbol system that reward all fans of first-rate online gambling with an opportunity to form various winning combos and a considerable amount of exclusive bonuses together with special, unbelievably remunerative prizes. These symbols are depicted as the Riviera Riches Logo and a huge pile of cash.

    And these are not all enjoyable peculiarities of this luxurious video slot that distinguish it from ordinary online slots. It also offers you the special Roulette Bonus option. This bonus game has the same rules as its real prototype, but your chances to win are significantly increased! Thus, don’t loiter and become an incredibly rich person with the help of this marvelous slot!