These are Greek-themed free slots that will never become a bore, and with the Mount Olympus The Revenge Of Medusa video slot the player knowledgeable of Greek legends and tales will surely get his or her second helping of pure esthetic pleasure. If one decides to go and test the whole collection of slot machines at, one probably will learn that it is the Mount Olympus The Revenge Of Medusa game that has the most exciting plot and graphics. Here we can see Medusa famous for her monstrosity, only now you have an opportunity to assist Perseus in cutting off the fright’s head covered in squirmy poisonous snakes.

    There is nothing fancy about game rules: the fanciers of online casino slots are presented with five reels and can test their luck with twenty-five colorful paylines. The game features a fantastic graphics: all prints are stylized in the manner of ancient books prints and a set of 910K QA symbols also looks a bit serpentine. A background we see behind the reels should obviously instill sulky feelings into us as it contains an ominous landscape, like the one you expect to see near the Gorgon’s lair in well-designed casino games.

    Among the symbols of the game there are the Perseus’s sword, a vial with some magic potion, the literary petrifying eye of Medusa and this horrifying creature herself. While Perseus is having a hard time with cantankerous Medusa, the visitors of the online casino can forget about the fear of turning to stone and explore the Gorgon’s lair more closely. The first thing to see is the Wild Symbol, and one needs as much of these symbols as possible to make some big bucks.

    As always in the best online slots the Scatter Symbol, which is represented by the game’s logo, permits the gambler to launch spins at no cost whatsoever. Before each of five Free Spins, there will be a row of Gorgons, so the player can use one of them to petrify several reels for the next spin; this simple technique will help scoop a lot of moolah, though. Thus, having been tamed by Perseus, former monstrous Medusa now can only bring wins and positive online gambling impressions in Mount Olympus The Revenge Of Medusa at!