It has been a while since we heard of really ace online slots that celebrate the era of spacecrafts, astrogation and sci-fi technologies. Well, at last can present the one to all true-hearted fan of our online casino – it’s known under the name of Space Botz and is cram-full with technological stuff and splendid features. Several funny businesslike robots and a few good-looking elements of the interface will sure brighten up for you an evening or two – put on your spacesuit and let’s explore a vast space of slot machines!

    There are five transparent reels through which we can see parsecs of unrestrained freedom and multitudinous dots of starlight. Twenty-five paylines of this brilliant representative of free slots promise the players many joyful moments and huge wins. The Space Botz logo, which is the Scatter Symbol here, looks a bit cheesy but nevertheless provides the gamers access to the main bonus round. Other symbols are: a repair drone, a robotic engineer, a two-clawed bubble-headed bot and a 910 JQKA set of the lower values depicted as space debris.

    As all the best online casino slots the Space Botz game features the mighty Wild Symbol that is represented by green star-like crystal with something like atomic orbital around it. The latter is your key symbol to create new lucrative combinations and improve existing ones. The green crystal wild is also active during the Free Spin level; therefore, you can help the robots assemble and craft combinations while spinning you five free spins.

    There are at least two huge advantages, which distinguish the Space Botz video slot among other casino games. First up, even if five Free Spins don’t sound like much, they are highly retriggerable and allow the player to benefit greatly even from the simplest combination. Secondly, the robots add to the game an inimitable atmosphere of technological fun! Become familiar with nuts and bolts of the Space Botz video slot at and reach new grounds in your career of online gambling expert!