Sometimes we all get tired of ordinary online slots and need to find a quiet place to rest and think. Wait, it seems has several slot machines exactly for your recreation and entertainment! One of them is called Supernova and its main functions is stress-relief and relaxation. Take a look on its innovative reels and the endless universe on the background – and prepare yourself for a truly amazing journey.

    Well, the game features three primary reels and two additional ones just in case somebody will want to hit a winning with a super-remunerative combination. We are presented with twenty-seven paylines here and a whole lot of multipliers, extra attributes, black holes, drifting stars, astronomical contrivances and whatnots. It’s pleasurable to see how the best traditions of online casino slots find an application on the reels of the Supernova slot machine: six symbols divides equally, so that the game can manipulate with three lower values and, accordingly, three higher values. All six symbols are depicted as multicolor spheres of energy; the Wild Symbol also glows with inner power and loads of attractive opportunities.

    Surely, numerous fans of advanced free slots will notice how wisely the Supernova game distributes winning chances across different features. With only six symbols and twenty-seven paylines in its arsenal this game provides a record number of little wins per spin! Try to land as many multipliers as possible and avoid black holes; by using this strategy you can significantly increase the amount of money that falls on each win. Also, remember that the first reel needs to be constantly filled with bonus combinations – otherwise, you run the risk to fail to multiply your winning.

    As many other casino games at the Supernova online slot offers the online casino caller 2x, 3x, 5x, 7x and 10x multipliers. Ultimately, it proposes the jackpot as big as your base stake multiplied by 50. Honestly speaking, Supernova is a brilliant finding for any player no matter what, however, proficient in online gambling he or she is.