This splendid slot machine belongs to the illustrious series of diverse movie themed online slots that successfully combines all enjoyable peculiarities of world famous blockbusters and remunerative casino games. Hence, as well as virtually all distinguishedslot machinesat it promises players not only a pleasurable collection of exciting impressions, but also an excellent and quick animation, a breathtakingly sapid plot and a grand set of opportunities to make themselves extremely rich and blessed with fortune.

    Certainly, all zealous admirers of baleful and stylish robots and courageous insurgents will find that this remarkable sample of first-rate online casino slots just cannot be left unattended. The background, which is pictured in steel and black colors, is richly ornate with various gears and pistons that add the game a shade of reality. The main icons represent the main heroes of the original franchise, obviously, it is not necessary to name them. Your primal objective is quite simple. You have to save young John and his soldierly mother from the most dangerous assassinators of all time and help them break the vicious circle of the eternal war, which is waged in different time lines.

    Naturally, generously rewards all your successful actions with various trophies and extra multipliers. In fact, it proposes you 243 ways to hit he main jackpot together with several extra options that guarantee you super wins. Hence, the T-800 Bonus option, which occurs randomly on five spinning reels of this slot machine, bestows you a chance to receive supplementary bonuses or free spins.

    In addition, it also contains the Free Spins super option, just like other free slots in our online casino. Thus, your chances to receive more prizes for each fortunate spin are unbelievably increased! In fact, the Terminator 2 JD slot machine should not be regarded as an ordinary game, but as a mini-revolution in the sphere of hi-tech online gambling, so don’t temporize and try it immediately!