The exceptionals on the Wheel of Wealth Special Edition

    This slot is targeted at those gamblers who consider that traditional casino games are still unsurpassed in the sphere of professional online gambling. On the other hand, this slot machine is not for nothing subtitled ‘Special Edition’, hence, it contains a few specialized options that can be discovered only in the most distinguished slot machines of our generation. Therefore, it will not be a mistake to state that this classy slot can arouse a genuine interest among all admirers of breathtaking and extremely remunerative online slots.

    The virtual basis of this game is quite traditional, thereby this video slot has five gorgeously ornate spinning reels and twenty five fixed paylines. All symbols that generate loads of different winning combinations depict traditional icons from old-fashioned free slots: resplendent diamonds, golden bars, huge piles of cash and various fruits, such as lemons, juicy apples, cherries, oranges and grapes. An interface demonstrates players an elegant combination of noble black and deluxe gold colors that remind all online casino visitors about their future wealth.

    The awesome chances for more wins on Wheel of Wealth Special Edition

    Of course, with an eye to keep up with the most elaborated online casino slots, which are available at, all modern slots propose gamblers special supplementary features that increase their chances to win. Fortunately for all players who prefer, this online slot includes two additional features. The first option is the Wheel Of Wealth bonus. It is a gorgeously animated mini-game, in which you can activate several special triggers and obtain a great amount of coins and a few special bonuses.

    The second highly remunerative feature is the Reel bonus option, which allows gamblers to select the special hidden winning symbol among ordinary icons and bestows them an exclusive trophy as a just reward for all their efforts. Undoubtedly, we can claim without any doubt that this slot completely justifies its title because it can easily satisfy all categories of players. Hence, don’t loiter and start your game.