Complete description of Hidden Valley

    This game unlike many other casino games, is very simple to play. Just like it is on many online slots, it can help you win exciting prizes and a great deal of money which guarantees a theoretical payout of as much as 96.5 percent. The game consists of extra bets with a few random Multiplier Wilds as well as few extra spins that come as a bonus. It can be described to consist of a forty bet line slots along with 5 reel rows.

    Anyone can play this game as it involves some very easy steps that one must follow in order to win the gamble. These steps include:

    • the very first step of the game is to choose the amount of money you would like to place the bet on.
    • next, you have to simply press the button that features a spin symbol.
    • finally look for what you have won by looking at the win field.

    Special symbols used in Hidden Valley

    In the world of online gambling, it is very important that you know most of the game features so that you can make proper use of them while playing. Hidden Valley, exclusively manufactured by Quickspin offers many easy-to-win free slots along with special symbols. Some of which are listed below:

    • Bonus Scatter - this symbol ensures that free spins are generated to pay a bet twice of the original. There is also a +2 bonus scatter for extra spins.
    • wild symbol- the two types of wild symbols in the game are extra wild and multiplier wild and it does not account for any bonus wild symbols.

    Hidden valley is an online casino game exclusively available at, a website for online casino slots where you can play any game of your choice. A website like has many games that are ranked among the top slot machines in the world of online casinos.