Ahoy, brave buccaneer, are you ready to sail for the shiniest booty? Do ye know there may be thousands of doubloons hidden here at Dismantle your cannons and batten down the hatches, for ye won’t need violence and there’s the storm coming – the storm of greatest and the most lucrative amusement in the history of online gambling!

    The Hook’s Heroes slot machines has in its nautical arsenal three unique capabilities: the Mermaid Feature, Fairy Feature and Pirate Feature. The first one proposes to the player the possibility to double each win unless there is any Wild Symbol – in that case, the player’s wins are subject to a fourfold multiplication. The Fairy Feature changes the game in a specific way so that any random Wild Symbol on the reels between 2 and 5 overlays can give the benefit to a spin. Finally, the Pirate Feature proposes the conditions that are rare for online slots: your wins will be calculated according to visible symbols that are on the reels rather than to be calculated according to bet lines. This means you will be remunerated for every reel with 4 identical symbols on it as if it is a payline with those symbols.

    Similarly to other online casino slots, three Scatter Symbols will activate the Free Spins feature (so that you can choose it yourself). The Scatter Symbol is depicted as the laddie in the crocodile outfit, and two of these symbols give you the possibility to activate the Spin Feature randomly. Of course, these rules sound a bit complicated as for free slots, although Hook’s Heroes can be easily played even by children, and its vivid, colorful and understandable interface best proves it. There aren’t any roughnecks and pirate thugs in this joyful game – nowadays, offers much secure and funnier way of becoming rich than robbery and looting. Enter the world of qualified casino games that offer real chances and real money – and Hook’s Heroes is a beautiful pearl in the treasury of our online casino.