The Razortooth slot machines is a unique chance to visit the old-world era when ferocious monsters and powerful beasts ruled the Earth. Unlike different free slots that attract players with ridiculous game features, Razortooth offers you a rare chance to join the barbarous battle against the most dangerous monster that has ever lived on Earth. Forget about cute dinosaurs and pestering vampires. Razortooth opens the arena at! This combat promises to be complicated and interesting. Challenge this cruel beast and win different luxurious gifts immediately!

    Our online casino offers you a priceless opportunity to spend your time with income and gratification. Razortooth is a classical sample of online slots with 5 reels and 243 winning combinations. This game includes five main symbols: cruel bear and ancient Aepyornis that reward player with 10, 20 and 50 bonus prizes, formidable rhinoceros and gigantic mammoth that present gambler 15-100 bonuses, and, finally, nonpareil Razortooth, which maximal gifts are 80 and 200 bonus prizes. Razortooth also has the system of Wild and Scatter Symbols that multiply your wins. The Scatter Symbol bestows upon you five free spins and a few Wild Symbols. This awesome option is named Savage Wild and it allows you to hit a jackpot without any undesirable troubles.

    Many online casino slots supply gamblers with additional bonus options in order to amplify their wins. Razortooth isn’t an exception. The excellent game features The Hunt transforms three ordinary symbols into Wild Symbols, which allows you to receive extra bonuses and great trophies. In addition, Razortooth has extremely great multipliers that can satisfy even the most demanding admirers of casino games. The maximal multiplier is x200, which is an extremely beneficial proposition. Enter this immemorial world full of snowbound forests and boundless plains and get a unique online gambling experience at Beat the monster and get your valuable prize!