Get Battle Ready with Space Wars

    If you are fascinated by superhero-themed games, then you need to enjoy the exertion of strength and heroism of the space wars. Yes, this is one of the amazing combat casino games from Net entertainment. This game which can be played on will set you on two different spaceships. While one player is in charge of the needle, the other takes care of the wedge. Unlike every other generic slot machines, this game sharpens your alert level. You have to work on maneuvering the two-way plane, and shooting your opponent at the same time. One amazing part of this game similar to the jackpots in the free slots is the occasional firing of the torpedoes. It’s activated through the control pad or the toggle switch.

    Enjoy great combat effects from space wars

    While you are in control of the ship, prowling for a kill, you have to rotate the ship to the left with one button, the other takes it right, the next engages thrust, another takes care of shell firing and the next takes the ship to hyperspace. Your entire being is at work when you play this game on Apart from the online slots, this is one of the best casino games from Net entertainment. It comes with different cabinet styles, namely.

    • The Cinematronic upright. It is designed with two marquees that are lighted. One of the marquees is placed on the top. The other lies below the monitor, with the control panel below it. It is designed with white text above a black background, with lots of inscriptions on how to play the online casino game.
    • The vector beam upright. It is for those with no love for lightings. It does not have any lighted marquee and is smaller in size. But it comes with an image of both ships on the marquee.
    • The table version. It comes with a surface, designed with fake woodgrain. This is for men in love with retro looks. The monitor bezel has an image of fighting ships.

    The theme of this online gambling adventure is focused on who gets the highest number of kills. The game gives 5 seconds interval after each kill before the next round. You will enjoy this as well as the other online casino slots.