Add more Sparks to your money making machine

    Sparks is among the latest slot machine games to be added to Net Entertainment’s large slot machines collection. Most of the features of this video slot at is just like that of the usual online gambling slot games with a 5-reel and 3-row including a 20 bet lines package

    This online slots video game is basically based around a vast variety of game styles as well as lights patterns. The Sparks slot game provides each player the opportunity to choose whether to play the regular game mode or to enable the win both ways function game mode. Although, both game modes have different themes but give the players the advantage of winning combinations from either left to right or vice versa

    One other amazing feature on this free slot game is the expanding cloning wild feature. This activates the wild symbols on both reel 2 as well as reel 4, and as soon as it appears on the screen it will clone the symbols. Those on the left side of the video game screen to the reels to the adjacent on the right while regular wild symbols will also add to the mix in order to provide players with more ways of big winnings

    Betting options and coin values

    The betting options in this casino games adventure from Net Entertainment has a wide range of 10 different levels and 8 coin values with up to 80,000 coins. If a player is lucky enough to get the wild on both reels at the same time, he will gain from some kind combinations with a maximum 400 multiplied by his bet available per spin at

    This online casino game increases your coin value up to $2. In addition, bet level can as well go up to 10, stylishly letting all its players to control the number of coins they use while playing this online casino slots game. Furthermore, line bets of up to $20 can also be formed in this way, making a total of $400 for all of the 20 bet lines available in this game