Get Frenzied Now with Wild Rockets

    You can expect that Net Entertainment has another game that will cause you to have unstable sleeping hours once again. This slot machine game aptly called Wild Rockets will keep you preoccupied for a long period of time. The chances that you will actually want to explore this game further is high especially if you have always been interested in fireworks. You will become a part of the world of slot machines after playing this game. For sure, the explosives that are part of this free slots will keep you playing for a long time. You will truly be swayed by slots game that you can find at

    Many Ways to Win at Wild Rockets

    Are you ready to experience the greatness of this online slots game? Like other casino games, you can expect that it will be entertaining but do you have any idea just how entertaining this can be? Imagine having about 720 chances to win. It will help you double, triple or even quadruple the amount that you initially bet for just a short period of time. Of course, getting to know the many features of Wild Rockets will help you.

    • Video slot features. This is truly a video slot game that will not fail to entertain especially with its unique 5 reel setting. Unlike other online casino games that allow all five reels to have the same number of symbols, this game is different. The first and fifth reel can only show three symbols while the second, third and fourth reel can show four symbols.
    • Both ways win. For Wild Rockets, your win ways can go from the leftmost corner to the right side and vice versa. The only important thing is that there are three identical symbols that can be seen that can guarantee winnings. The symbols may be composed of the usual symbols and wild symbols.
    • Free spin scatter symbols. When there are scatter symbols that will appear on the reels of Wild Rockets, there is a big chance that the free spin multiplier feature will be activated. The bet value that you have placed when playing this free slots game will be multiplied depending on the number of scatter symbols that have appeared while playing this game at You will also have free spins that again will depend on the number of scatter symbols that will appear.
      • Wild Rockets will surely be a delight to a lot of people like you who love online gambling. You will not be disappointed with the great features, the nice sound effects and the soundtrack that you will hear the whole time that you are playing. This online casino slots game is something that you should not miss.