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In the grim darkness of open space there is only endless and savage war. The most dangerous and rancorous monsters are waiting for a new victim. presents you a priceless opportunity to start the battle with these deadly creatures and win your right to life together with loads of money. Aliens is a unique example of slot machines because of its interesting and spectacular plot, which is based on the most successful science-fiction horror of all time. Thus, if you are a great admirer of well-thought-out and breathtaking science-fiction together with profitable and pleasurable online gambling – this game is exactly what you need!

Aliens is a 5-reel game that features three lines, fifteen paylines and three levels. Like all other online casino slots at, it pleases gamblers with different prizes and the awesome Wild Symbol system, which ensures players the avalanche-like bonuses. The Wild Symbol is designed as the famous logo of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, which is a pleasurable Easter egg for all true-hearted admirers of the original franchise. The Wild Symbol converts all combinations into the winning combinations, which promises you many various prizes.

Nevertheless, the main particularities of Aliens, which distinguish it from ordinary online slots, are its stunning design and excellent animation together with the brilliant atmospheric musical theme that immerse you in the original universe with deadly ambushes and hungry extraterrestrial beasts. Don’t worry, though, because in our online casino you will be safe from these deep-space monsters. Unlike different free slots with a simple level design, Aliens proposes you three different levels with diverse missions that have their own objectives and bonuses. The Encounter level offers you a win from the very first spin and the Hive bestows you 5 re-spins. Thus, destroy your enemy in this magnificent example of casino games and win a great prize!