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Be Enticed By Mystery of Voodoo Vibes

Do you honestly expect that Net Entertainment will release a game that you would not like? From the different casino games that have been produced before, you know that any online casino slots game of theirs will surely catch your eye. This is the case with Voodoo Vibes. From its name, you can already guess that this slot machines game is a bit more mysterious than the other ones that you have played but the entertainment factor will not disappoint you.

Amazing Features Await at Voodoo Vibes

Are you ready to get to know more about the very dark and mysterious features of Voodoo Vibes? This 5 reel game with 25 win lines will make sure that you have a high chance of winning. Just like in voodoo, you may possibly have more chances to control what will happen next. This free slots game that can be played at has the following features:

  • The voodoo man. The voodoo man that will appear at times when you play this online slots game. Since this is a powerful symbol, this can replace all the other symbols aside from the bonus symbols and the scatter symbols that may appear in any of your reels at Voodoo Vibes.
  • Bonus games. You can expect that a bonus game will start the moment that you have 3 or more bonus symbols that will appear on your reels. Just remember that the bonus symbols should be part of the win line that you have chosen. If you are betting on all 25 win lines of Voodoo Vibes, then you can expect that your chances of having bonus games will also increase. The bonus game requires you to look at various voodoo dolls that you have to prick with a needle. Depending on what you will prick, you will get a certain amount. Be wary though because some voodoo dolls are empty.
  • Scatter symbol. Have a chance to win more money at the online casino when the rattlesnake symbol appears on your screen. Depending on your pay table, your winnings will be multiplied. At the same time, you will get a bonus of free spins. You will surely spend a lot of time playing this at

It is evident that online gambling will be a fun and amazing experience with Voodoo Vibes. This enchanting game has an enigmatic appeal. Who does not want a dose of mystery? Get entangled in this dark yet entertaining world by playing this at an online casino from time to time