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    Roulette Tournament

    starts in:
    • 00d
    • 19h
    • 26m
    • 07s

    Tuesday, 02:00 - Tuesday, 01:00 (GMT +2)

      Tournament rules

      Get lucky in the weekly roulette tournament! Bet on Red, black or zero and collect winnings on your way to the main prize of 100 EUR!
      How to win. The minimum bet required to participate in the tournament is 1 USD or your currency equivalent. Only the real money bets are taken into account when points are calculated. The tournament runs on a “max winnings rate” formula, which means that a player gets:
      0 points for each x0 to x2 win
      1 point for each x2 to x3 win
      5 points for each x3 to x6 win
      20 points for each x6 to x9 win
      50 points for each x9 to x12 win
      100 points for each x12 to x18 win
      200 points for each x18 to x36 win
      500 points for winning x36.
      The more points you collect, the higher your position in the leaderboard will be. The leader board will be displayed while you play on the right and also at this very page during and after the end of tournament. If several players collect the same amount of points the player who collected them first will be considered as a winner.
      Raise your chances to win. The “Booster” option is enabled in this tournament. Booster is a feature that allows a player to collect more points throughout the tournament. Booster is enabled automatically when a player’s bet is higher than the minimum bet required by the terms of the tournament. The bigger the size of your bet is, the more points you receive. Moreover, your points will have an additional multiplication, if a participant obtaining a higher position than you in the leaderboard becomes inactive. A player is assumed to be inactive if more than 30 minutes have passed since his last bet was made in any of the tournament games. In such cases the player who is next after him in the leaderboard receives booster which grants him more points. The color indicators are enabled in the leaderboard next to player’s nickname which change the color depending on player’s status and booster availability: brown - not active, blue (last bet was made no more than 30 minutes ago), green – super active (last bet was made less than 30 seconds ago), red – booster enabled.
      Get rewarded. All prizes will be automatically deposited on participants' accounts as a bonus with no wagering requirement immediately after the end of the tournament.
      Other important information. The casino administration reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the tournament at any time and without notification. In case of any kind of violation, an attempt of abuse, or manipulation through abuse or circumvention of the accepted Company Terms, the administration may, at its sole discretion, deny the participant from the event.


      1100.00 EUR
      275.00 EUR
      350.00 EUR
      445.00 EUR
      540.00 EUR
      635.00 EUR
      730.00 EUR
      825.00 EUR
      922.00 EUR
      1020.00 EUR
      1118.00 EUR
      1218.00 EUR
      1318.00 EUR
      1418.00 EUR
      1518.00 EUR
      1618.00 EUR
      1718.00 EUR
      1818.00 EUR
      1918.00 EUR
      2018.00 EUR
      2115.00 EUR
      2215.00 EUR
      2315.00 EUR
      2415.00 EUR
      2515.00 EUR
      2615.00 EUR
      2715.00 EUR
      2815.00 EUR
      2915.00 EUR
      3015.00 EUR
      3112.00 EUR
      3212.00 EUR
      3312.00 EUR
      3412.00 EUR
      3512.00 EUR
      3612.00 EUR
      3712.00 EUR
      3812.00 EUR
      3912.00 EUR
      4012.00 EUR
      4112.00 EUR
      4212.00 EUR
      4312.00 EUR
      4412.00 EUR
      4510.00 EUR
      4610.00 EUR
      4710.00 EUR
      4810.00 EUR
      4910.00 EUR
      5010.00 EUR
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